Okie Agustina Divorce Journey Unfolds: Stepping Into Legal Proceedings with Supportive Son, Kiesha Alvaro

Okie Agustina Divorce Journey Unfolds: Stepping Into Legal Proceedings with Supportive Son, Kiesha Alvaro

Important Steps of Okie Agustina Toward Divorce

The hard part is over: Okie Agustina and Gunawan Dwi Cahyo are no longer married. Today, Friday, October 11, Okie went to the Bogor Religious Court to ask Gunawan to give up his wife. She wore sunglasses and a black outfit with a white jacket. It was her son Kiesha Alvaro who was with her. He was wearing a white shirt.

The moment Okie got out of the car, her oldest son, Kiesha Alvaro, grabbed her hand and held it while she ran away from the press. During this tough time, the boy made sure that his mother was safe.

Getting to the Religious Court in Bogor

When Okie and Kiesha got to the Bogor Religious Court, the press was all over them, ready to take a picture. Because Okie seemed sad about the claims that Gunawan was cheating on her, she chose to stay quiet, which led to rumors about how they got divorced.

Okie wore an all-black outfit and seemed to be feeling a mix of determination and sadness, which was a mirror of the emotional journey she has been on.

Son Who Helps, By Kiesha Alvaro

Okie Alvaro’s son Kiesha Alvaro was very important in going to court with his mother. Kiesha, who was wearing a white shirt, stood by Okie’s side, giving her both physical support and a sense of mental strength during this tough time.

As they walked into the Bogor Religious Court building, Kiesha Alvaro kept his mother out of the way of the media frenzy. He did this to show how protective and helpful he has been during the divorce procedures.

A Mother-Son Bond in the Throat

As Okie Agustina and Kiesha Alvaro talked to the press together, their friendship was clear. Kiesha’s protective actions and Okie’s dependence on her son showed how strong their relationship was, which was a source of comfort during the rough times of the divorce.

To Deal with the Media Storm

As reporters asked for answers and opinions, Kiesha Alvaro handled the situation with class by saying that there would be a time to talk, but not right now. He said calmly, “There is a time (to talk), there is a time,” aware of how sensitive the matter was.

A Month of Chaos: What Led Okie to Make His Choice

Before this formal step, Okie Agustina said that Gunawan Dwi Cahyo had told her he was divorcing her about a month ago for reasons that were not clear. Okie was brokenhearted when Gunawan was said to have been cheating on her.

When Okie talked about the split, she said that Gunawan had called her and when she asked him about the rumors that he was cheating on her, he couldn’t give any good reasons. When Gunawan realized how bad things were, he agreed to the split, which made Okie take legal action.

As the publicized divorce case goes on, it sheds light on Okie Agustina’s personal problems. With the help of her son Kiesha Alvaro, she takes the steps she needs to get through this tough time in her life.